Relax and enjoy a bike ride along the promenade for a couple of hours while we wash and clean your car by hand.

OFFER: Car Wash (see price) + 2 hours bike rental ( 4€ ) *

PHONE: +34 651 811 333

* Offer only for customers using the service complete wash (inside/outside) and only applies to a bike service.
(Pick-up service in Lavados Mediterraneo, near our office.)
** Includes: wash and dry exterior, vacuum or wash rugs, vacuuming floor, seats and trunk, clean dashboard and center console, window cleaning. If you do not want the outside washed you can discount € 3 from price
*** Handly cleaning and drying with specific product
Outside washing and drying car 8€
Outside washing and drying Mini Van/STW 10€
Outside washing and drying Van/SUV 12€
Outside washing and drying big Van/big SUV 14€
Complete washing** car 20€
Complete washing car + clean upholstery 80€
Complete washing** MiniVan/STW 23€
Complete washing** MiniVan/STW + clean upholstery 90€
Complete washing** Van/SUV 25€
Complete washing** Van/SUV+ clean upholstery 95€
Complete washing** Big Van/Big SUV 30€
Complete washing** Big Van/Big SUV + upholstery 105€
Tire treatment*** 5€
Ozone treatment 20€
Clean upholstery single seat 25€
Ceramic protection from 100€